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For many years now, Walt and Regina Lyons have been involved in the antique world. Walt is a collector of "tobacco memorabilia" and Regina fancies "Hull" pottery and "Little Red Riding Hood" collectables. Over the years, it became apparent to this husband and wife team, that there was a pressing need for appraisal services in their area...appraisers who would be well informed and qualified to handle any and all phases of the appraisal spectrum.

In 1995, Walt attended NEW YORK UNIVERSITY and was the first of the team to attain a Certificate in Fine and Decorative Arts. Regina then attended the CERTIFIED APPRAISERS SCHOOL in Missouri and attained her certification with the CERTIFIED APPRAISERS GUILD OF AMERICA.

Four years have now passed and during this period, Walt and Regina have been engaged in conducting tagged estate and moving sales, appraising for private parties, attorneys, and insurance companies. Their services are in demand. Walt and Regina are also active members in the IONIA HISTORICAL BOUNDRIES COMMITTEE in the city of Ionia, Michigan and have an affiliation and close working relationship with a local Belding, Michigan antique firm, P.S. ANTIQUES.

When retaining LYONS APPRAISAL SERVICES, you may be assured of receiving complete and comprehensive information and service. For greater detail on the impact of these services, please continue on to the next section "WHAT WE DO" by clicking on the appropriate link below.




LYONS' APPRAISAL SERVICES, 333 High Street, Ionia, Michigan 48846

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